Fabio Cassel was established in 2001. This young and dynamic structure contributed to the development of the brand with a thought of always being a company focused on customer satisfaction and quality.

Fabio Cassel has implemented a up-to-date design-production approach by considering changing world conditions and advancing technologies. Each stage of production is leaded by an experienced managerial staff. Fabrics carefully selected from our country and global fashion centers are used and maximum excellence is achieved thanks to the meticulous care of Fabio Cassel, hand workmanship and unconditional customer satisfaction.

With its high production capacity, our company exports its products to more than 24 different countries and forges ahead to become amongst the source of pride brands of Turkey.

Collections of Fabio Cassel brand represents a never-ending change with the tradition arrived at perfection within years and new product groups added with every passing day. LE CORLEONE, MATIATO BOBANI, SENIOR , PARLAMENTER as well asBOLDMAN and MIDNIGHT brands are representatives of this creative tradition…